This question, apparently.

posted 3 weeks ago

Anonymous asked: "Five ways to win your heart??"

Booze, Love of parties, good sense of humor, sexy, and having a certain something downstairs.

Anonymous asked: "You guys making any new years resolutions?"

So far Cas has been the only one to keep his resolution, which involves working on his art more. I gave up trying to be more sober after the first week and a half.

posted 3 weeks ago

Anonymous asked: "It's Dean's birthday later this month, isn't it? Got any plans?"

Dean’s birthday was great :)! We took him out for drinks, and Balthazar and Gabe gave him a present uwu

He wouldn’t tell us what it was, but knowing them, it wasn’t hard to guess :/

Anonymous asked: "What have you guys been up to since New Years?"

Hey guys! Sorry we’ve all been so busy. Real life has kind of hit us all with a stick at the same time, haha.

I know we haven’t been posting as much for a long time, but now that finals season is winding down and summer is heading our way, we’ll hopefully be a little bit better about updating.

Thanks for sticking with us!

Claria :)


When Sammy was born. 

Aw, Dean….

Don’t give me that fucking look, Balthazar.


A hot guy, a hotel room, and about 10 bottles of booze.


Name it Cas? Maybe…

name it something like 11:30, because it’s not completely black so it can’t be midnight


My art in a museum.

posted 1 month ago

Anonymous asked: "Will Cas and Dean (respectively of course) be participating in the New Years' kiss?"

What? No! Why the fuck would we?

posted 1 month ago