Anonymous asked: "I miss y'all :c"

Again, we’re sorry. We’ve all been so busy. We’ll try to be better about putting out content, and it would help if you keep sending questions. We’re all busy with real life and jobs and school, but we hope we can keep this going! Thanks!


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Anonymous asked: "I was curious about that fic and art competition. Any news with that?"

Here is a link to the winner of the contest. We don’t know if there will be another one, we have to get the blog up and running first. Thanks!


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Anonymous asked: "DW ❤️ CN"

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Anonymous asked: "I love the art here c: It so amazing!"

Thank you! Everything here is drawn by Betti :)

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This question, apparently.

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Anonymous asked: "Five ways to win your heart??"

Booze, Love of parties, good sense of humor, sexy, and having a certain something downstairs.

Anonymous asked: "You guys making any new years resolutions?"

So far Cas has been the only one to keep his resolution, which involves working on his art more. I gave up trying to be more sober after the first week and a half.

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Anonymous asked: "It's Dean's birthday later this month, isn't it? Got any plans?"

Dean’s birthday was great :)! We took him out for drinks, and Balthazar and Gabe gave him a present uwu

He wouldn’t tell us what it was, but knowing them, it wasn’t hard to guess :/

Anonymous asked: "What have you guys been up to since New Years?"

Hey guys! Sorry we’ve all been so busy. Real life has kind of hit us all with a stick at the same time, haha.

I know we haven’t been posting as much for a long time, but now that finals season is winding down and summer is heading our way, we’ll hopefully be a little bit better about updating.

Thanks for sticking with us!

Claria :)


When Sammy was born. 

Aw, Dean….

Don’t give me that fucking look, Balthazar.